Friday, January 29, 2010

Farewell .. for a week or two

I'm off on holidays as of tomorrow morning. I'm very excited! 

Where am I heading? Tasmania, Australia. Arriving by plane, we'll be borrowing a car and driving around most of the state.

Stay tuned because when I get back I'll have some (hopefully) great photos from Cradle Mountain, Launceston Hobart and much more.

Exciting blogs to come when I get back
  • The announcement of the winner of the January giveaway - thank you to everyone who has entered so far!
  • A meet and greet with the owner of a new store in Denmark, Western Australia who is also my newest stockist, and
  • An interview with one of Australia's up and coming magazine editors.
Speak to you all when I get back!

xoxo Amelia

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Valentine's day is fast approaching! What have you got planned?

I just wanted to show off my new packaging which has arrived just in time for Valentines day :)

xoxo Amelia

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Australia Day!

Today Australian's are enjoying the day off to spend it with family and friends.

What is Australia Day?

From the earliest white settlement at the end of the 18th century, Australians have striven to celebrate a national day, and in so doing, define what it means to be Australian. January 26 1788 has traditionally marked the landing of Captain Arthur Phillip at Port Jackson in present-day Sydney, thereby claiming Australia for the British Empire. Early settlers, perhaps naturally, marked the anniversary.

Though it has often been criticised, it remains the most inclusive celebration of a national day in Australia, expressing the national diversity which has become such an important part of the Australian national character.

Australia Day today celebrates diversity and tolerance in Australian society. Whereas once it celebrated the staunchly British nature of Australian society (or was disparaged for this approach), it now embraces multicultural Australia, including all ethnic backgrounds, racial differences and political viewpoints.

Special ways to celebrate your Australia day include:
  • Having a bbq and eating Australian foods such as Prawns, Sausages, Lamingtons, Pies & Pavlova
  • Listening to Triple J's Hottest 100 countown, and
  •  Wearing a lot of Australian coloured (or flagged) clothing.

I hope everyone is having a great day! 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

January Giveaway!

To celebrate the new year I will be doing a giveaway at the end of each month.

Each Millicent Russell giveaway piece will arrive to you beautifully giftwrapped and tagged.

The giveaway for January/February is a pair of beautiful earrings made from vintage Japanese glass beads - each bead has a flower design that shimmers in the light. Each bead hangs from a vintage set of shell earring hooks.

You can enter in the following ways:
  • Follow my blog - leave a comment and let me know what your favourite piece is from my Etsy store
  • Follow my facebook - leave a comment and let me know what your favourite piece is from my Etsy store
  • Follow me on Twitter - leave a comment and let me know what your favourite piece is from my Etsy store
Everyone from around the world is invited to enter this competition!

**Giveaway is open from now until 7 February 2010.

Good Luck xoxo Amelia

Monday, January 18, 2010

My New Designs

The first lot of new pieces for 2010!

I have taken the pictures using my poladroid application. I have also taken them normally so people can get the real feel of the colours. I do very much like that the polaroid look gives it a vintage feel though.

These are now available on my ETSY store.

Plenty more to come!

xoxo Amelia

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My new favourite toy

I’ve been playing with a new application over the past few days called Poladroid. It’s so magical! You can change your normal photos (stored on your computer) into polaroid looking photos!! If you are into nostalgia, photography or anything new and creative - then this is for you.

I’ve done up a little photo montage called ‘Summertime’ using my new Poladroid application. I love summer - the heat, the beach, the parties, the friends and getting together with family over Christmas and New Years. I am definitely at my happiest over this season.

Now I think it's time to experiment on my jewellery photos…....I think this will be a lot of fun!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Millicent Russell Labels/Tags

I'm very excited to announce that new Millicent Russell labels and tags are on their way!

Bigger tags will replace the small scalloped ones so that a description of the materials used in each piece can be clearly explained on the back. (the final will be slightly different to this proof as I'm not 100% happy with the stacking of the website)

To be included with this tag will be a cute heart tag that will tell you if your piece is one of a kind or a limited edition piece.

Next on the list is packaging! :)

xoxo Amelia

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What a way to start 2010!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful christmas and ate great food among family and friends.

I had the shock of my life this afternoon when I typed in the Canberra CityNews Magazine website to see if my article had made it into this edition. When the first page came up I almost screamed - It is me on the front cover!! The first edition of Canberra CityNews for 2010!

Never in a million years did I think that I would make it on the front cover of a magazine! You can check the article out at Thank you to Silas Brown for taking the photos and for Kathryn Vukovljak, Lifestyle Editor for doing up a wonderful article. And a big thank you to Itrip Iskip, my stockist in Canberra for letting us use their space for the photos!

My etsy store re-opens on Friday 8 January and there will be a number of new pieces. I've been working hard the last two weeks (since being back from my hoilday) and working on pieces for a new stockist in Western Australia as well as for my current stockists and of course my etsy online store.

This year will be packed with new pieces, new promotions and competitions! Stay tuned!

xoxo Amelia