Monday, June 7, 2010

Feature Artist #2 - Ring-a-ling

Name: Ring-a-ling
Country: United States
Etsy Store: ringalingbybeth

Why do you love vintage? What inspires you to create pieces using vintage materials?
I love the idea of something being unique. It is really easy these days to get mass produced items, but when something is handmade or vintage it is nostalgic and special. It sets you apart. There is a sense of something living on and having a whole other life......that is the cool thing about repurposing items. When I find a cool vintage button or old clip on earring I think where did this come from? It gets a whole new life once I make it into a ring.

What type of feedback do you get from your buyers - why they love your pieces so much?
My rings are conversation pieces. When people buy them or comment on them are , they are 99% surprised to find out they are buttons or vintage earrings etc.
I guess when people think of buttons they think of a sew through plain flat button, and the buttons I search for are unique and most do not look like typical buttons. So they appreciate that they are one-of-a-kind pieces, wearable art.

Where do you see repurposing and recreating designs out of vintage materials going in the future?
I think these days people are keen on recycling items and buying more organic and earth friendly items. I think there has been a surge of helping the environment, and going back to basics in a way.

I know for myself, anything that reminds me of my grandmother always makes me feel sentimental. Whether it be a juice glass she had in her kitchen or an old button that she had on her favorite sweater it always evokes a nice memory.

What would you say to someone starting off in this style of design?
I would say it is oodles of fun, but it is hard work. Out of every 100 buttons that I search through, I would say that I make a ring out of 5 interesting pieces that I come across. It is a little like art, where it is subjective, not every one is going to like every ring I make, that is why I try to create a variety. It is funny because I try to love all the rings I make, but honestly every once in awhile I will make a ring that is not my particular taste or color palette but I know that everyone is different, so I try to think of everyone's taste level and style, not always just my own.

What is your goal with your craft?
I want to have fun with it, and Iam also hoping it will prove to be extremely lucrative:) I would say that it is important for me to provide rings that are affordable, but also special as well. I like the fact that there is a
story behind each item, that is the whole beauty of handmade vintage items.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Magazines, flea markets, televison. Every once in awhile I will see someone on tv and think "Her outfit needs a big chunky ring.....I have just the one".

What advice would you give to crafters just starting out?
Seeing as I am still in the beginning stages I do not have many words of wisdom, but I would say take pride in what you do. If you love what you create, that is most important.

I mean it is a lot nicer when other people also enjoy what you do:), but you have to enjoy it yourself first. Crafting is fun, but when you try to create a business out of it, it does

take on a whole other life. There are things you probably won't enjoy as much as the creation bookeeping or promotion. It is a different experience for each individual.

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xoxo Amelia

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