Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kinda Busy....

Wow Autumn is in full swing and I haven't had time to look out my window. I've been flat out at work organising a big event which will be held on next week at Parliament House in Canberra! I'll post some pictures of the final event - it's been eight months in the making!

When I get back I'll  also post a few piccies from my visit to Shop Handmade - they have displayed everyone's pieces beautifully - including mine (*thanks so much girls!)

I'll shall also post my April giveaway - slightly late. Sorry everyone!

This weekend I will be enjoying a little bit of relaxation at the south coast, for the last time before winter hits I think... I'll have some photos to share with you from that experience too.

I've been going to boot camp three times a week and I can't tell you how beautiful the sun looks (I think I've already told you) when it's rising over the lake. But it's even better now that Autumn is here! The leaves are bright yellow and red and some have started to fall so it's really worth waking up at 5.30am to see it all. I am greatful every day at the beautiful things I get to see - it's funny how you respect things so much more when you get older.

I hope you have a wonderful Anzac weekend (those of you in Australia) and to the rest of the world - have a great weekend!

xoxo Amelia

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