Saturday, February 20, 2010

Barking Out Loud!

Want to know what all of the hype is about?

My lovely friend, Eva Lubulwa just launched a new creative's magazine called Bark Magazine featuring artists, desingers and much more!

The launch party was held last Thursday with an epic turnout. I had a chance to interview Eva about the new magazine and much more!

What is Bark Magazine?
Bark Magazine put simply is a magazine about up and coming creative’s.
Bark Magazine is a network of people who came together to build a dream and had a party to celebrate!!!!!

How did you come up with the idea for Bark? What was your inspiration?
Bark was kind of organic, I am lucky enough to know a lot of talented people in the city of Melbourne, I get to go to a lot of gigs, art shows and plays etc and it seems that everyone I met had something that they were creatively working away at which needed to be shouted out to the world.

I realised that there wasn’t a publication dedicated to people who are just starting out. Since I can remember I have been told that I possess an unusually loud voice so I thought it my duty to put this to good use. So I thought of Bark and sat on the idea for about a year before doing anything about it lol… I am a slow mover.

Who's involved in Bark - just yourself? - was it hard starting up a business from scratch?
Hee hee no there has been like 100 people involved in Bark so far, it is like a virus, contagious as anything! But yeah starting your own company is scary and I am still in the middle of setting up it all but the thing that I have learnt is that life only gives you what you can handle thank God!!

Who do you see reading Bark?
Myself lol I know that that sounds a bit narcissistic but that is the reason why you create things originally to read about and experience what you want to see written about. If anyone else wants to read it then I see them reading it too.

The greatest thing about Bark is that it doesn't fit into a specific genre. Bark Magazine is really for anyone who is creative, loves eye candy and likes to support what is fresh, new and wonderful… God I sound like a tooth fairy on love drugs…

Where do you see Bark Magazine in a years time?
I see Bark Magazine as I see myself -  older! lol...I really don’t know actually. This process is really one day at a time for me… I saw Bark Magazine as something that I photocopied and sold for a buck last year and it has kind of exceeded expectations. So at this time I am putting no limits on it this time. It would be nice if it was Australia wide it, it would be better if it was uncovering the best stuff out there… it would be nice if it was running faster than 100ks an hour. So at minimum I hope it just plan exists and at most I hope it is taking over the world lol.

Where can I get a copy?
Bark Magazine debut in most newsagencies in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra on Monday 15 Feb 2010.  If you don't live in these cities, send me and email I will send you a subscription page personally and organize to send out a copy to you!!!

Can people get involved in the Bark Magazine phenomenon?
OHHHHHHHHH yeah you can get involved in Bark Magazine by sending me an email.
I am always in need writers, photographers, animators and graphic designers! Oh and anyone who can dish out sanity in 20 minute intervals near to deadline time lol that one is the most imperative. And if you have something to shout about please let me know!!!!
For more information visit Bark Magazines website or twitter page :)
xoxo Amelia

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