Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Stockist - All About Me interview

Recently I was contacted by a lovely lady named Karen who has just opened up a new store in Denmark, Western Australia. The store is named All About Me and here is a little interview I did with her.

What is your store located?
Beautiful beautiful Denmark, the towns logo is "Where the forest meets the sea." There are yummy cafes, superb wineries, rolling green hills, white white sand beaches, wonderful arts and crafts and musicians aplenty.

How did I come up with the name?
Oh that was quite easy! My best best girlfriend lives many many miles from me and we were chatting on the phone about the shop and what would be in it. She said that is sounded all so me! Next thing we knew there it was "All About Me" and that was it, that was the name. It is a little amusing as a number of the local men (tradies who have been helping me with the store) have commented on the name already saying "Good name, might as well be talking about my missus, sure she will be in here all the time!" haha men! But at least they have actually taken notice of the name and remembered it, so hopefully that bodes well.

What inspired you to open up your own store?
Since moving to Denmark, Western Australia approximately a year and a half ago I had been quietly looking for the right business opportunity. Having worked as a bookkeeper, real estate saleswoman and much more I soooooo... wanted to do something different. I noticed that we had a number of beautiful up market quirky fashion retail shops but no shoes or accessories to go with the clothes! I love my "bits and pieces" as my boyfriend calls them so I thought yes that's it, that's what I shall do. However I have had to wait more than a few months for the right retail space to become available, but finally fate provided the perfect space.

What are your goals for 2010?
Goals for 2010, well I am woman whose mind is constantly ticking... and planning and thinking - I wonder can I do this or that? I am now in my forties and am finding them absolutely fabulous! Without a doubt the best years are happening now for me... It is good to be confident in who you are, know what you are about and to also know your limits and how to exceed them!

So my goals this year are to get a web store up and happening by mid year. Western Australia is a huge state and access to lovely things can be difficult so getting the web store up and running is a definite. I am fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the world where tourism is a huge industry and I hope to be able to capitalise upon that with my store and provide unique and beautiful items that people will say "oh I got that in Denmark, at this wonderful little boutique" etc etc. I also want to be able to provide lovely up market, individual stylish items to our local women who like me love all their "bits and pieces".
So for those thinking of travelling to WA, forget about Margaret River! Keep going south. Come down to our stunning town nestled in a beautiful valley overlooking the ocean, drink wines, eat beautiful food, visit local artisans and of course shop! Oh and I forgot about the chocolates..... must not forget the chocolates! We have our very own Chocolate Lounge, a beautiful place to while away an afternoon sampling locally made chocolates, coffee and liqueurs. Yummy!

Thanks Karen for giving us an insight into Denmark, Western Australia and your lovely new store. Hope it all goes well! xo Amelia

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