Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Make Your Market Day Bliss

I've been very busy getting ready for the Canberra Handmade Markets on Sunday, hence my absence on here.

I have done a lot of thinking about how I would like my stall to be set up on the day and seeing as it's my first market in my hometown I'd love to make it extra special.

I would love to hear your ideas if you have and suggestions as to how I could set my stall up to make it look different and unique :)

Setting up a stall so that it is enticing to those market goers is essential and I've gotten some inspiration from these wonderful blogs!

Meylah - How to set up a craft booth that customers can't resist

Canberra Handmade Markets - Tips for Market Stall Holders

Konstant Kaos - Displaying your Market Stall

Here are some fantastic photos on a fliker group:
Show me your booths!

I'll be posting pics from the Canberra Handmade Markets this Sunday so stay tuned. I'm a little bit nervous!

xoxo Amelia

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