Thursday, November 19, 2009

Busy week

Sorry to everyone for the lack of posts this week. Work has been very busy and I haven't had a chance to come on here or make any new pieces. I'm actually in Melbourne for work until Tuesday so it will be all quiet on the blog scene until then.  Hopefully I'll be able to bring some exciting things back with me to share with you.

For the time being I'll leave you with some of my ultimate favourites on Etsy since I first got involved in what is an amazing community and place to shop for unique items!

Vintage Piano Locket Charm - Purple Daisy Jewelry
Flower Mug of Tea Necklace - Lychee Kiss
Heart Frame Purse - Emedemarta
Keepsake Box Ring - Yellowgoat

Until next time - hope you all have a great weekend! xx

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