Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jenolan Caves

This weekend I went away for a long weekend. It's starting to really warm up now and I can't treasure the time I have outside enough. It's beautiful!

This weekend we went to Jenolan Caves which is situated about 265km away from Canberra - It's closer to the Blue Mountains in New South Wales which is also a must visit destination.

The weather is always very strange at Jenolan - it's very misty when you drive up into the mountains and then on your decent it becomes quite muggy but still cool.

If you can imagine coming through fog which you can barely see one meter in front of you and then driving down a windy road where you start to see the tops of old looking buildings. It's like a little town on its own with a road that goes through a grand arch in the mountain side.

I can just picture in my head the old style fashion of men and women.The long white dresses with large hats and suits for the men.

Anyway we took a few of the cave tours - one of my favourites being the 'river cave' - This tour was two hours in length and took us into some fabulous chambers with amazing cyrstal formations.

It was great because we got to walk up very skinny walkways and climb down steep ladders. My favorite part was seeing the underground river chamber called the 'pool of reflections.' Our tour guide had photos of how the founders used to cross the pool of water. It was fascinating!

We saw a lot of wildlife including a wild platypus!! I was so surprised! I have only seen them in captivity so this was one amazing sight. We also got greeted by an overly friendly Rosella bird while we ate our lunch. He was not scared to come up and take something from your plate or even sit on our shoulders while we ate.

On the way home, I couldn't help but take a photo of the 'Big Merino' - Australia is known for its 'big' things such as the big guitar, the big banana etc. In Goulburn in New South Wales sits the big Merino which is a huge big sheep - You can get inside and see the view of Goulburn from the top. It recently got moved from its original location down the road so you can now see it from the highway. I've driven past it thousands of times but thought I'd take a happy snap to share with you all.

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