Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Melbourne - A city with everything!

With every visit to Melbourne I am sad to say farewell at the end of my stay. Melbourne has been one of those places I've always wanted to move - to spread my wings (so to speak) and experience a city which has so much to give in every aspect.

In the past couple of years most of my friends have moved to Melbourne - which is a novelty as every visit turns out to be a weekend of fantastic mayhem with many memories attached.

I kept getting asked to move - or be 'stolen' from my place here in the capital (Canberra) but I am happy for now and I think the novelty of those special weekends would wear if we could do it every weekend. So for now Melbourne (and co) will have to wait.

Getting to the point of this blog, my weekend as per usual was a busy and fantastic one - catching up with friends, enjoying the wonderful late mornings with coffee and breakfast on High Street and the plentiful shopping (with my limited spending funds).

For those who haven't visited Melbourne before, here are some of my 'must visit' places.

For the best:
  • Breakfast and coffee in town - visit Oska Whyte on Hight Street Armidale.
  • Vintage jewellery, clothing and furniture (or anything for that matter) finds - visit Chapel St Bazzaar, 217 Chapel Street Prahran - Open Mon - Sun 10am - 6pm.
  • Bar/Lounge Bar - visit Sister Bella, Sniders Lane in the City.
  • Dinner - visit La Camera Restaurant, 446 Chapel Street South Yarra.

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